Phil & Pat Van Buskirk are Founding Pioneer Lifetime Members of the Western Dressage Association® of America. They began VB Farms in 2003 in New Mexico, growing alfalfa and orchard grass hay.

Orchard grass is soft and green, with a fruity smell which the animals enjoy. “As a source of fiber, well-made orchard grass hay has a place in the diets of all types of horses. When it’s clean and sweet-smelling, its palatability is wonderful, and few horses refuse it,” said Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D., nutritionist for Kentucky Equine Research (KER).

As Colorado natives, they returned to Colorado in 2008, now based in Kiowa, still feeding orchard grass hay, available from Oster’s Premium Hay in La Salle.

Always concerned about animal nutrition, they began exploring various equine feeds. Total Equine®, due to its superior quality and testimonials, stood out as the best choice. The outstanding results with their own horses confirmed Total Equine’s excellence and has saved them in both additional supplements and prescription medications. Because they believe in the product so much, they became dealers and happily serve Elbert County and other surrounding communities.

VB Farms and Total Feeds™ are in attendance at Farmer’s Markets and equine events around the area. Please check the calendar for schedule locations. They will have information about all Total Feeds™ products, plus a few bags of Total Equine® and Total Canine™ at each event. You are welcome to drop by with your nutrition questions. If they cannot answer them, Dr. Harry Anderson is available for assistance by phone or email.

Please give us a call or visit the Contact Page for more information.

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