Total Equine Horse Feed



Total Equine®, first created in 2000, came about because Total Feeds, Inc. knew the science along with their experience, helped them develop the most nutritious feed. The nutrient levels, maximizing the highest nutrition, are based upon 40 years of scientific research. Total Equine’s unique extruding process of specific ingredients deliver what horses, donkeys and mules need for maximum health, performance and attitude.

Total Equine® has a base of alfalfa hay, which delivers a delicious odor and flavor so many equines love.  The tastiness is bar none! Seventy to eighty percent (70-80%) of the fiber level an equine needs, are supplied in Total Equine®, for a safe ration. When fed at 4 lb. per 1,000 lb. body weight, along with suitable quality roughage, Total Equine® offers the nutrients essential for mature equines.

The results with our own horses, as well as testimonials from numerous other horse owners, inspired us to become distributors of this wonderful feed product.

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