Success stories courtesy of the Facebook Group, Total Equine Feeds: Chat Forum & Testimonies. Please visit them for questions, information and great stories.
From February 2017 to July 2017. Weight is back on. Faukes turns 30 this month. (Though I think he may be a year or two older than I was told). He came out of winter on death’s door due to major tooth loss. For the first few months he was on free choice Total [Equine]. Then two full coffee cans. The last week he has moved down to just one full coffee can and is doing great. I was going to face putting him down this fall but I have encouragement that I can get him through another winter. Thanks to Total Equine. TN, Olivet Kansas

True believer in Total Equine. Started feeding 3 years ago and it’s great to see the changes. Love bringing in new horses and watching them bloom. Few pictures of ours on TE. The colt is this mare’s first foal and looks amazing. Colt is now getting creep fed TE as well. Some before and after of my husbands rope horse in comments. Only thing we changed is he got dental done, fixing his feet and giving Total Equine. SR, Buckeye, Arizona

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